Monday, August 16, 2010

How do I get emancipated in Maryland?

FIRST OFF I'M 16. I'm currently trying to obtain my ged. My mother is a lesbian and whenever she's with somebody I'm her last priority... she never get food for the house and I cant get food stamps because she makes so much money.She's a medical examiner but I dont know where her money goes. and I know she loves her girlfriend far more than me... (well she acts like it because I have to get MY own food with MY own money). Her boss even buys me food sometimes and her boss hates how my own mother doesnt supply for me My father pays for ME to stay here in this shitty *** house I dont want to be in (him and my mom are broken up) He pays 900 a month for me, my mom, her girlfriend, and my old *** cousin to live here. I'm basically cinderella.. and I WANT OUT ! Please tell me how to legally get emanicapted...I can't take it anymore. I dont mean to sound whiney really but i need legal adviceHow do I get emancipated in Maryland?
You need:

1) a job that makes enough to support yourself without outside assistance (generally a minimum $20,000 a year)

2) proof that this job is stable and will not interfere with your education

3) proof that there is a dangerous situation in your home (your mom ignoring you is not dangerous)

If you have all of those things, then go see a lawyer that specializes in family law and get the process started.How do I get emancipated in Maryland?
In order to become emancipated,you will need a job that will pay for all your living expenses entirely on your own. No help from parents,friends or the government. You will have to prove how you will do this while still attending school. You will have to have really good reason for being emancipated,not just that you don't get along with your mother. You will have to show you are mature enough to handle your own life,dropping out of school and getting your GED isn't going to prove that.

Emancipation is given very rarely.
I'm sorry to tell you this, but it is very unlikely you will be emancipated. To be legally emancipated, you will have to be capable of completely taking care of yourself with no financial support from either of your parents. That doesn't sound like the case here. If it gets to the point where you are having a hard time feeding yourself, that's when you need to talk to a school guidance counselor or just call CPS yourself. They will put a stop to that pretty quickly.

Another thought: I don't know what the family dynamics are like, but you might also ask your dad for help with food and other necessities, like maybe he could get you a debit card every month or something. He might also be willing to sit down with your mother and asker what the heck is going on that he is paying child support and she isn't even feeding you.
There is not much that any of us can do for you without representing you and court (no I am not volunteering, so please do not get the impression that I am offering to represent you.). All I can legally give you if you're acting Pro Se is the Maryland People's Law site which is given by the family court to anyone asking about emancipation.鈥?/a>

I wish you luck, as emancipation there is not easy. Happy Holidays, and if it gets too bad remember there is always social services.

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