Monday, August 16, 2010


ok, not sure how to start this.... um, ok, so me and my Girlfriend broke up about a month ago, more or less. I've done my best with the whole '; time heals everything'; deal. I mean hey, dont get me wrong the time is helping, but im a senior in Highschool and i see her everyday for a hour and a half. I competely understand that the whole thing is over, she said and i quote '; Im just not ready for another relationship';. Makes me feel like a rebound..... Getting another girl isnt that easy 4 me, i mean im no brad pitt or robert patterson, so yeah they arent excatly lining up at my door. What should i do? Should i try to get another girl? stay single for awhile? WHAT? Advice from both sex's would be great, thanksHOW DO U MOVE ON FROM A BREAK UP? ADVICE?
I really hate to sound clich茅, but it just takes time. We have all been there, and it is bad, really bad. Often times, one may wrap themselves in an activity, art, poetry, etc. Anything that helps distract or express the the pain you are may help. Just don't fall into the trap of finding someone else in order to ';win';. You just gotta keep your head up and keep going. You're a senior, there will be so many more chicks around you next fall, it'll be crazy. You will know when it is time to date again, I swear. You just won't believe me for a while ;-).

Even with all the stress my job puts me through, and all the pressure I feel to try and keep things going for all the families that depend on me, I do not at all envy you. Growing up is very, very difficult.HOW DO U MOVE ON FROM A BREAK UP? ADVICE?
In 10 years, you're going to look back and think that you're a p oosey. When I was in high school, i use to be obsessed with my hair and get depressed for years over a girl. In the end, it means nothing. Just get over it! You feeling bad just means that you think you're a loser. Are you a loser? If not, then get over it. Life is more than a stupid relationship in high school. I mean, do you remember when you were a kid and cried cuz you can't get a toy? This is the same thing.
Boy, talk with her, you still love her!

All the Best!

Tudo de bom!!!
just don't pay attention to her, don't look at her...stay single is the best! no problems or drama :)
If you're a senior in high school there is no point in starting a new serious relationship anyways because everyone is gonna graduate. What you can do is hang out with your guy friends and tell them to invite girls. Then you can keep your mind off your ex and be with new people.

From my personal experience, break ups are hard but what I did to not be sad.. is to like hang out with my friends and try to forget about my ex. But it is completely normal to miss your ex. Just be with people that wont remind you of her.

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