Monday, August 16, 2010

How do i get my penis off my girlfriend?

i was mad at her for not paying enough attention to me so i glued it to her thigh now we're stuck together (reikjavick.) so i dont know how to get it off shes annoyed were nude its bad, cuz we can't go out or anything or even wear underwear. i don't know what to do about the superglueHow do i get my penis off my girlfriend?
call the medics are doctor first call your friends and news paper normally a woman would think of doing thatHow do i get my penis off my girlfriend?
hahahahahahaha omg! thats so funny!
Nail Polish Remover. The acetone in the polish remover dissolves the superglue. Just be careful with it, and do not just dump it all over everything cause if it gets into any ';Openings';, it will hurt like hell. Good luck!!
...why would you...never mind just call the paramedics. I doubt there is nothing you can do in that situation that wouldn't involve a lot of pain. Just suck up the embarrassment and call the hospital. And if your girlfriend really, REALLY loves you she might think about staying with you. If not enjoy some lonely nights.
Believe It or not peanut butter works best to remove supper glue.

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