Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm 19 and I NEVER had a girlfriend or an intimate relationship, help?

I'm a six foot tall attractive and handsome guy, intellectual, fun, passionate, romantic and whatever you might think of, no problems at all....except that I USED TO be kind of shy approaching a girl I really like... now I'm in college, I had no relationships in high school or anything....well it never works out for me, how can I get a girlfriend I need to love and be loved!? There are lots of girls out there but it never seems to work out!I'm 19 and I NEVER had a girlfriend or an intimate relationship, help?
You're a funny guy.

Just tell some jokesI'm 19 and I NEVER had a girlfriend or an intimate relationship, help?
I don't mean to burst you bubble, but the things you said about your self is what you think about you. However if women saw you this way you would have had a girl friend rather you are shy or not. I'm not calling you ugly (don't know you), but you seem a little conceded.

Now as for a girlfriend just pick one (the best one you can find), and over look minor flaws in her (because nobody is perfect) and when y'all run into a problem in the relationship attempt to work the problem out together.

This is the main lesson to learn ';Even good relationships take a lot of work.';
first off don't come of as a guy that needs a girl its not attractive at all

try to find girls that have the same interest as you

don't talk to much when with a girl

and don't talk to less keep it 50/50

never tell a girl you have not been in a relationship

it makes them think something wrong with you

P.S Parsons PH.D /dating coach
I know it sounds cliche but it really works. Becomes a girls friend before you go into a relationship. You get a feel of who she really is before you commit. And I think you would probably find a deeper relationship this way. Hoped this helped!
Well most girls probally think because you are attractive that you can have any girl that you want and that you will automatically cheat on her or it could be that she is insecure and wants to find a reason to break up with you before she gets her feelings hurt
maybe you look intimidated? lol you have to like somebody first before you start approaching girls. well just be yourself. thats my advice if that didn't work mmm.... try different tactic lol.

im sure im going to get tumbs down lol!
go bang a bunch of party sluts sorority girls whatever..the girls will talk if your good in the sack you will have girls lining up at your dorm.rub one out before you go out or nail a chick you will last longer
are you gay? i had this same problem but then i discovered i was gay. i now have boys all over me might be the same problem with you.
damn...that really sucks.

ask yourself-

is it a worse feeling to get turned down by a girl or to be horny as hell and never even kissed a girl?
get laid... have fun... and the girls will start coming to you.
Just get Laid...

Later, bitches will come over you..

That's for sure. Trust me man...

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