Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do my girlfriend and I tell our parents that she's pregnant?

Okay, the thing is, she's 6 months pregnant. We've know too. We did our research and you can only get aborted before three months, so we decided to wait because we both are super against that. Now that we've waited, we can't get the courage to tell them. We went shopping and we are doing a great job hiding it, and her parents just thought she has gotten bigger. But we feel super unfair we haven't sad anything. And oh, we're 15. And we are keeping the baby, and I don't need some bible thumper telling me what to do because we already decided. I work everyday except for sundays from 4-9 and she does from 3-7. And the thing is, we have a lot of money. I'm not trying to brag or be stuck up, but i'm telling you this so ill get less people yelling at me, out parents both own big companies. And we are very well to be in the money area. But, our dads can't be in the same room as each other. They are rivals in the businesses. So we would need to sneak around, and our mothers knew, and they knew how we felt. And they were fine with it, but they knew our fathers would freak. And now, they're sharing a grandkid. And we are freaking out. How do we tell them? Thanks.How do my girlfriend and I tell our parents that she's pregnant?
Go on the show ''16 and Pregnant';.How do my girlfriend and I tell our parents that she's pregnant?
the girl who cuts our hair, her boyfriend's sister got pregnant and hid it for a really long time, and she just left the ultrasound on the table and went out....i dunno how it turned out, but maybe y'all could do that? sorry, not much -- or any -- experience in this area.

good luck!

You can't sugar coat pregnancy. Just tell them flat our. Do it together.
You HAVE to tell them. I'm assuming your gf is not getting prenatal care and that's very irresponsible. It's risky for both your gf and your baby. It's too late for lectures about sex and getting pregnant....it's done. If you care about your gf and your baby, you must tell now and get them proper medical care. Good luck!
if it were me, i'd probably just wait until i got big enough for my parents to say, ';oh my gosh you look pregnant!'; and than i would say, ';well duh! thats because i am, silly's!';

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say to her parents guess what i ****** ur daughter and now ur gunna be grammie and grampie

to urs say. dad u gave me sperm and i used it and ****** up whatever her name is
You just need to sit them down and tell them. Do her parents then yours seprately. The more you wait the more upset they'll be.
To her parents:

You:';Hey Pops! Hey Ma! Guess what? Your daughter and I decided to make you grandparents...congrats!';

Your parents

You: ';Guess who's about to have little grandchildren?!';

Be sure to smile and giggle =)
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