Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How long should i wait to tell my girlfriend that i love her?

I've been dating her for about 2 weeks, and i can already tell that i like her more than any other girlfriend I've had before. I dont want any relationship advice, just a guess about how long i should wait. As of right now im planning to tell her on her birthday (May 11th) when i give her a necklace. I usually ask my friends for this kind of stuff but none of them hasve ever been in a serious relationship. So any suggestions?How long should i wait to tell my girlfriend that i love her?
OK. You like her more than any other girl you've dated. That does not equal love. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE SURE.

At /least/ 2.5 years. MINIMUMHow long should i wait to tell my girlfriend that i love her?
Two weeks? That's not love. That's lust. Wait a bit longer. If you do it now, she may laugh. She may not be lusting like you are.
well you don't wanna say it too early. But it all depends on the person really. If she seems just as happy as you, I'd say go for it. If you're unsure, I'd wait at LEAST a couple few months. But like I said, It all depends on the person. Some people get freaked out by it, some don't.
Whenever you know that she loves you back, and I like the birthday idea. You should go for it.
whoa there slow down, you will definitely freak her out if its before 2 or 3 months

and you might want to take some time to make sure its love not lust
Wait until you're REALLY ready. Two weeks is hardly enough. It sounds more like infatuation. Which is okay at this point. Just give it more time. 2.5 years? Not necessary. I've been with my girlfriend for a year now. I don't remember how long I waited to tell her, but I think it was about a month and a half or so.

Just wait long enough for you to know its NOT infatuation.
So you're planning to drop the L after about a month??? WAY too soon to be thinking you're in a serious relationship. Slow down and enjoy it. Wait. Wait. Wait. Give her the necklace if you want, perhaps that will show your feelings enough for now. In the end you can only learn from your own experience I guess.
There is no set timing for this kind of stuff, just make sure you only say it if you REALLY mean it, and do it whenever the moment feels right, trust me, you will know when that moment comes!!!

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