Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How can I get my son to stop seeing his biracial girlfriend?

My son has been together with this awful biracial girl over a year. He's 21 and is attending college and still lives at home. She's 18 and is still in high school.

I don't like her at all, she's biracial black mother white father, her father died when she was young so she was raised by a single mother, she's got bad grades, she was bullied and she's rude. I don't understand what he sees in her. I don't like it when she sleeps over, I hope they're not having sex he also sleeps over at her place. I just wish he could date a normal white girl who was raised in a normal family like he was. What should I do?How can I get my son to stop seeing his biracial girlfriend?
Whether or not you're a troll, you are a horribly mean spirited person. I hope you do not have children already, and if that is the case, please sterilize yourself before you get a chance to inflict yourself on some poor child who won't have a chance.How can I get my son to stop seeing his biracial girlfriend?
cut off his allowance
He is 21 there is nothing you can do about it and it dont matter what color she is she is still a person and if he loves her let them be happy my god what kind of mother are you grow up let your son live his life like he wants it
get over it, its the 20th centry. if shes that bad he will drop her and come to his senses. dont be rude else he will push you away not her. just be a loving mum and be nice.
For starters deal with your attitude to the whole race thing because you come across as a whiny ***** without sticking it up without being a racist git as well.

Second he's 21 and gets to decide his path now not you.

Thirdly, ';normal'; is relative, believe me I've seen plenty of screwed up kids from ';normal two parent white bread'; families whilst kids from supposedly ';broken'; homes who are very normal.

Fourthly, aside from rudeness all of the rest is your attitude to her as opposed to her rather than issues with her...

Lastly, you don't have to like her - although it does help - but you got to find out her good points and what he sees in her. Because being one of those whiny mothers is bad enough but an interfering one is worse and the outcomes are never good. You lose your son, you push him towards her, you make him dislike you and maybe even hate you because of that...
don't be late to your next klan meeting.

and don't expect your daughter-in-law and son to send you a picture of the baby. ever.

you need to grow the hell up.
wow, you are such a closed minded person.

SERIOUSLY, re-read what you just wrote.

tell me what kind of person you think would say that.

Gawd, i just don't understand people like you.

i just don't.

what's wrong with multi-race people?

why would you ever THINK that white people should be it for everthing ? ?

her father died for freakin crying out loud!

and as for the bad grades, it's probably hard for her at her house.

and if not, then she just isn't top A, so what.

she can succeed with her own talents.

She was bullied- bam, that could be the effect on her grades. ever thought of that?

she's probably rude because of the way you treat her, i'm very sure you do not treat her properly as a ';normal'; family would do...SHOULD do.

people like you don't get anywhere.

you, mam, are NOT normal.
You should stop being racist. People can't chose what kind of family they grew up in first of all. Its not her fault her father died! and white girls can be messed up too... race has nothing to do with anything

Your son must see something in her.. you wouldn't see it because your too concerned with the color of her skin.. You shouldn't do anything, stay out of his business.
well your son is 21 now, everything he does is his choice, if he loves her he must have his reasons! its what he sees in her that matters not what you see in her... if you honestly care for the well being of your child let him make his decisions and no matter how much you might disagree being black or being white doesn't change the fact that her blood is as red as yours and her heart is as alive as yours.
troll much?
Unfortunately, at 21 you can't really control him so it's time that he makes his own decisions based on the background you values you instilled in him while he was developing into the man he is today. He is still probably young enough that the more you push against their relationship, the more he will gravitate toward her and away from you.
there was no need to mention 'black' ... But then again you are just a racist.
Send him to live in the dorms! he'll start cheating on her and they will break up!
How can u get a son to stop seeing his racist mother?
Regardless of race, your son will be pushed more toward whoever he is dating if you are against her. Also, there is no ';normal'; everyone has problems in their family. Also, if he is in college and she still in high school, the relationship could run its course over time. Meaning, alot of relationships end due to one person being in high school and the other in college. Also, a safe sex talk would be appropriate. I advice you not to voice your dislike for the poor girl. She might not be as rude if you were nice to her. And it also takes time, being nice once won't automatically make her stop being rude, it will take time to build trust for her to believe you're really making an effort and meaning it. You've heard, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Being nice won't hurt anyone, being mean will hurt everyone.

Since you did such a good job raising your son, maybe you should trust his judgment. You raised him well, you taught him right from wrong. Maybe he sees things that you can't see. Maybe she has a good heart, a loving soul, maybe had a hard life. Whatever has brought them together, trust your son, he's 21, give them a chance. Give them another chance.

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