Monday, August 16, 2010

How loyal can a virgo be?

How loyal can a virgo man be, if he is attracted to you. but he has a girlfriend?How loyal can a virgo be?
WOW it's like Sara is talking about the situation I'm in now.This Virgo I've been dating for a year is doing that to me.I just found out but he has at least 2 others that I now know about.When we first started he swore up and down he wasn't seeing anyone.How loyal can a virgo be?
They are Ruthless is you cross them - stay AWAY far far far AWAY
Virgo men are perfectly capable of dating two girls at the same time and swearing to each one that he is hers alone.

They will date one girl on Friday night and the other on Saturday, and make the excuse that the other day he's unavailable because he promised he would work around the house and help his mother. You feel like he's telling the truth and what a good son he is, when really he's got a beer in one hand and his other arm around some girl.

In marriage, it's the same story. The wives of Virgo husbands will swear up and down that he's loyal to them, but they give him ';space'; so they don't really know what he's up to 24/7.

I hate to say this, but I've seen it so many times.

This is Virgo Sun; just having planets in Virgo doesn't always cause this.
i read ur other question earllier and i do see that ur attracted to him

be a little distant as in stay casual and try not to take things too far

with him cos he's got someone or it'll confuse him very much.

Us virgos are loyal when we''re with someone and dont go cheating

in this case. just be careful what u do before falling for him hard.
ask him out...if he dates you without telling his girlfriend, he's not loyal............

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