Monday, August 16, 2010

How to be romantic for my girlfriend?

So i am an 18 year old girl and i have been with my girl friend for two years now and i just wanted to do something cute for her just to show i still love her as much as i always have. anyone know what i can do? or give her?How to be romantic for my girlfriend?
maybe you should give her a teddy bear and hearts and c customize it to say what you fell you can get one a t builderbear workshop my bf did and i love him still foreverHow to be romantic for my girlfriend?
take her somewhere nice and make a picnic
Homemade candlelight meal, massage, rose petals, ylang ylang incense........and a really good movie for after :)
write her a note

buy her something she likes whether its candyy or whatever

take her out to dinner or go see a movie ..

soo many possibilities :)

goooood luck :)
How sweet .... Women always appreciate anything you do above and beyond. Flowers sent to her home or work or nice dinner to a place she has not been too. Good Luck
write a poem for her
Women appreciate effort over cost. Make her dinner. Can't cook, who cares, even if it is the worst tasting thing ever she'll love the sentiment and you'll have a joke together for ever. Still need help?

Make pasta.

Boil water. Put noodles in, test one after 10 minutes.

Heat pasta sauce, Ragu works. Add a few spices to church it up, try garlic powder, thyme, oregano (there's never too much oregano), sage.

Make cheese bread. Butter some bread or better yet, hamburger buns. Lightly sprinkle some garlic and oregano that too (very lightly). Cover in cheese. Put on a cookie sheet and heat in oven at 350 until cheese is melted.

Since you're 18, have juice in wine glasses, dim the lights, light a candle.

Simple, cheap and romantic.

Like I said, if you screw it up who cares, its the thought that counts with women.
do something she wants to do that you don't normally like to. Example: my fiance hates dancing, but i love to dance so for him to be romantic it would be nice if he would take me dancing just to show me that he cares more for making me happy. Spend the whole day or evening doing what she wants, make it sexy. Dress up and go out. Show her off. Make her feel good about herself, and she will feel good about your relationship. Tell her how beautiful she is and compliment her, but don't seem like you're just saying it to say it. Find something genuine. Good luck!

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