Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to brake up with him?

i have an online boyfriend. i don't like him i like someone else. he is not very popular among the girls. he is going to be 18 soon and he never had kissed anyone, and he had an online girlfriend before and she dumped him, he told me it mad him very sad, he also told me he dreamed i duped him at is made him sad. i don't know how to tell him i don't want to be his girlfriend anymore without hurting him.How to brake up with him?
I would be honest and direct. You can say ';I met someone and I want to focus my attention on him. I am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.';How to brake up with him?
Well do you ever see him in real life? If so, dump him face to face or call him. Just tell him something like, i just don't feel that way and i think we are better of just being friends. And if you don't see him in real life and only online, say the same thing. Im sure he might get upset but he will get over you like he did with his ex. Good luck.
the best way is finding someone else for him then leaving him, so he wouldn't feel pain
get a real bf not an online one
this dude is using the whole damping sad bullshit on you to make you feel guilty not to damp him...so what if he was damped online before, all dampings make people feel sad, and if his dreamt it, that means its bound to happen, and the whole dream damping thing is also another excuse to make you feel guilty, his just gulling you...so damp his ***...
It is going to hurt. Just tell him it is you, not him.
tell him what is your true feelings for him.the truth will set you free.be honest and tell him gently that you don't like him anymore.it is truly hurt him but it is only the best way to make you happy...

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