Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How can i make my girlfriend?

All right,so we are not a couple friends yet and we studies in one class,so how can i make her to be just like my pet dog?!not like that but i just want to mean how could i make her love and miss me alot and a lot?!i don`t want any answer of joking and so help me please...How can i make my girlfriend?
lol crazy guy just b sweet an ull get in her headHow can i make my girlfriend?
Give her flowers, be nice.
You can't make a person love or miss you. That person either feels a certain way about you or they don't.
you want her to be like a pet dog? wow youre an idiot. Good luck with that.
u crazy go get a dildo.. oh wait
You are a weirdo... (to everyone else) Imagine if she seen this lolololol
However you meant it, it's extremely offensive that you said you want her to be like your pet dog. You need to examine your views on women.
i m shocked that men have that cupid views over women that they want them to be their dogs.
With that attitude, I doubt she would love and miss you. No Woman wanna be referred as '; a pet dog';...If you have no proper words to use, then i suggest you to not say any.

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