Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to deal with my girlfriend?

my girlfriend and i are going out about 8 months now. we live together. i am 20 and she is 18. i try to treat her right and be a good boyfriend. all i ask is my apartment kept clean. she is so dirty. never cleans . never washs up. like today she made breakfast. i spent to hours last night scrubbing the place and while making breakfast left egg shells everywhere. i asked her to just put them in the bin while the rest of her food cooked instead of ditting down. and she start screaming she will do it in a minute and telling me to **** off. its been two hours now. the egg shells are still there. the excess egg has dryed into the counter . theres crumbs and dirty dishes out. and a pan half filled with cooked egg and water in the sink. i told her to clean it and she just laughed at me . start giving me the fingers while highering up the telle. i can be an angry prick sometimes but i always trat her right and dont deserve this, what should i do??How to deal with my girlfriend?
sit her down and have a serious chat about it and tell her how it is making you feel, that it gets to you. after all it is your apartment, and if she can't respect that and help out how is it going to work living together? she is young, but surely if she understood that she's making a mess and needs to help out a bit she would.How to deal with my girlfriend?
She will never change! Just find a new girlfriend!
I was in a similar situation, but not to that extent of hate. Sit her down and talk to her. If she doesn't pay any of the bills, then you should be more harsh. Tell her that you love and care about her but you can't continue living like this. Give her the ultimatum of either learning how to clean and showing you respect or she can start searching for a new place. She already disrespects you, unless she apologizes then kick her off her pedestal and get a girl who will actually care about you and respect you.
I think she might have some anxiety issues. It's like she wants to treat you right, but her mind seems to be in a frenzy and focused on insignificant bull----. I would be patient and nurturing in your approach. I would try to build up her confidence a little bit. Perhaps, she will begin to understand why these things bother you. If she doesn't, you might be better off letting her go.
Dude you are a true boyfriend. Most guys would have kicked her out flat on her face. Well i know i would but thats not the point. I think you need to just get her to sit down with you and talk ths out with her. Tell her she has to repect that rule cuz its going to be helpful in the long run. If she has not got the point by then, thats when you have to think do you really wanna put up with this kinda problem? Or are you better getting with someone less... No disrepect but down right dirty..
Kick her out; durrrrrr.
im ossessed with cleaning so she d rather behave well or kick her out imean idont think it s OK wth u seeing bugs playing around since eggs seem to be her favorite. do u know that in labs they grow bacteria on egg-medium?!

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