Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to get a girlfriend I'm high school??

I am a freshman inchigh school that I just started going to this year but I can't get a girlfriend. All the girls know who I am but I would feel weird texting them. Also the few friends I hav don't really talk or hang around girls and I'm not that popular. Also, I'm shy but good at talking to girls if they start talking to me cause I'm funny but I can never initiate talking with them. Please help!!! I've never had a gf but don't get me wrong I want a girlfriend to care about and just talk to not to ';get sum';. Also I'm a bit chunky but been told I'm cuteHow to get a girlfriend I'm high school??
by talking to girls you cant just sit there and just get a girl it takes timeHow to get a girlfriend I'm high school??
join the football team, track team, get involved with choir or band...you have to be in some social groups then finding one will be easier...
Girls like to hear about themselves- tell a girl you genuinely like that she's pretty, funny or just make another adjective up that fits. Smile at her and let her confide in you- that will win her over.
If I was you, I would find the right girl and start talking to her and getting to know her and when you feel the time is right, ask her the question.

Can you help me? Link is in the source.

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