Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How can i get my girlfriend to stop smoking cigarettes?

i told my girlfriend that i dont really want her to smoke any more but she does it anyways. i told her that like it breaks my heart whenever i see her having one and i really care about her but i dont wanna be a a**hole and tell her to stop but i really care for her and i want her to stop, she says shes gonna cut back but she doesn't . someone please hell me Wat should i do!!!How can i get my girlfriend to stop smoking cigarettes?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoodlesHow can i get my girlfriend to stop smoking cigarettes?
Break her jaw. She can't smoke with a broken jaw.
you are really very nice guy..i appreciate you..

just take her to the hospital and show her the people who all are having mouth cancer

surely she will quit the smoking habit immediately..

or just search for pictures in Google for mouth cancer show it to her..

surely you will get good result..

all the best :)
Tell her she's disgusting.
I don't know man I think you are doing all you can to not be rude with her.
give her anal
tell her the smoke can kill both of you. and maybe you can buy her some substitutes like lollipops; my friend had lollies to stop smoking.
you should take her to a prevention class and show her what will happen of she keeps smoking!! tell her she is killing herself!! scare her straight!!
Steel her entire stash. Tell her to comeover to someone's house (urs or ur friends). Once there, have at least 3 friends there and have an intervention. Then cut up her cigarettes
You need to realize that smoking is an ADDICTION, and not something that you can easily turn on and off like a light switch. You have some good advice above about educating (scaring) her and informing her about the fact that second hand smoke will also cause you real harm. It will.

I'm not going to tell you to give her an ulta matem like ';stop or I'll leave you'; because that won't work. But, you need to reach her and let her know this is really serious.

Look into one of the smoking cessation programs like the patch and give it a try. Also, I've seen people have real success with accupuncture treatments for smoking cessation. This attempts to reach the ';addiction center'; in the brain and switch it off.

Accupuncture actually got me off smoking something else 23 years ago and I've never looked back.

Whatever you do, don't give up, your whole life is ahead of you and being healthy is what it's all about.
every time you say something like ';it breaks my heart'; she loses respect for you.

walk up to her and say ';listen to me as hard as you fu%(ing can. Ive told you already to cut that smokin sh*( out. I aint tryin to breathe that sh*( and i sure as sh*( aint tryin to taste that sh*( when i put my tongue down your throat. So im outta here. if you cut that sh*( out gimme a call, but until then f%^%26amp; off.'; then walk away and dont talk to her for a while.

if she doesnt ever call you were never as important as the ciggs and you are really better off finding a girl who values you more than she does inanimate objects.

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