Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to tell your parents your girlfriend is pregnant?

we are both 13 and we did use a condom but it must have broke.How to tell your parents your girlfriend is pregnant?
From 2000 miles away on a cell phone.How to tell your parents your girlfriend is pregnant?
Ha oh man...your fu*ked....just sit them down and tell them calmly...either way the reaction wont be good, try and get her to get an abortion
you're both done for. I'd write a note...but i don't know
wow ummm good luck with that, at least you got some before her dad kills you!
Mom, Dad, I knocked her up.

aha sorry but that sucks. try and get an abortion. ur too young to deal with that. and so is she. just saying
';Uh.. mom, dad? AHEM. Sorry, my throat hurts. *COUGH*IGOTMYGIRLFRIENDPREGNANT*COUGH*. Okay. I'm done.';
O_o tell them however you want they're gonna flip eigther way
Tell them honestly. Tell them how you plan to help. (you DON'T have to marry her, now or later) Please don't have an abortion! I know people personally who would love to have a child. Put it up for adoption if you don't wanna raise it yourself. Do you plan to work? Support her %26amp; the baby. You need a lot of guidance. See a counselor, by yourself %26amp; with your girlfriend. This is something more important than you could ever imagine. Make your decisions wisely.
uhm well i told my ex-bf dad bye driving 2 towns away from where i lived, called him up and told him

my mom lives in florida so i just called her.....

my ex-bf mom kinda guessed because i was horribly sick

my dad took me to the hospital to get a test becuase i kinda threw up on his shoes from the smell of bbq ribs.......

so ya idk ur both 13 thats kinda idk just come out with it, dont leave stuff out, make sure u state and know u made a mistake

and try to do the best for the baby and that does mean adoption..... (there is open adoption out there also)
this is your responsibility. u might as tell them. the more longer it takes, the more u will get in trouble. u MUST speak with them right away. in this situation, u cant decide by yourself. u need others support: friends family and perhaps teachers can help u. i advice u to tell right away. its the best for all of us.
omg people really? abortion!? well atleast thats how i think. and its your decision too... geez man you couldnt hold it right? had to go right in there? im sorry for you but you have to calmly sit them down say your sorry lol alot of times! just do it at a calm time but i dont think this will really do any change on how they take it though..so good luck to you my friend!
are you serious 13? wow dude that sucks, lets hope she wants to put it up for adoption or you are pretty much screwed for life. i mean at age 13 your in like what 7th grade?
No abortion! If you can't keep the child, at least give it up for adoption, hundreds of people are single or can't have children and want them. So if you can't keep it, do that.

Thirteen is way too young. But most likely, I would drive maybe several thousand miles out and then call each set of parents and tell them. Just so they can't strangle you.
Okay, Luke, if you're thirteen, I have to information you need to know. 13 years olds cannot raise a baby, and it'd be mean for her to dump it on her mom. You seriously need to consider adoption. In most teen pregnancies, the girl keeps the baby, and the baby ends up just like them, pregnant at a young age, or a delinquent! You need to give your baby the best life, and that's by giving it to a loving older couple that can take care of it and support it and give it a wonderful life. No, your baby will not hate you. I was adopted, and I know my birth parents did it out of love. One of my friends gave her baby up for adoption, and it's an open adoption, so she gets pictures and i think even sees the baby sometimes. But dude, seriously, it's not fair to the baby if you keep it. I don't want any of this ';we're different';, ';she's different'; crap. Love the baby, and give it up, please.

if you have any more questions, msg me.
YOU'RE 13!!!!! What the Heck!!! Kid, you're not even supposed to know what sex is yet!
I'm 14 (15 this year) and I've always wanted a baby.

So my boyfriend bought me a baby annabell ^_^...

Not really, I'm pregs and couldn't be happier.

You have no idea how your life is going to change with a liddle baby in your life, you will love every second of it =D

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