Monday, August 16, 2010

My girlfriend is ugly and I think I want to break up?

Ok I have gotten into a bit of a mess

I started seeing this girl about 2 months ago. I don't get much attention from girls coz im kinda shy, so I just went with this girl when she offered to date. However, i really do not find her to be attractive. In fact I even feel slightly repulsed when he wants to kiss me etc. I feel embarressed when I need to meet her to friends and family... because I know they must be thinking the same thing :(

The thing is that she really likes me. And I feel stupid and guilty for getting into this mess. I know beauty is within etc... but for me the outside matters too, and I really can't look past it, it really is too glaring (very high forehead, thinning hair, flat...) Bottom line is that I want to break with her, but don;t know how to on the basis of her appearance. And I know she will be devestated by it... but I just can't match her enthusiasm. Please help!My girlfriend is ugly and I think I want to break up?
How hurting it would b for ur gf if she hear this from u.. u told that she really likes u.. But u dont... if u r concerned about the outer beauty as love.. pl leave her.. but if u wanna marry her and wannted to lead a good life.. here is a tip..

Here after when ever u speak to her dont look at her outer beauty even dont look at her face direct.. listen to her words, chk out her emotions and feelings. u will find the real beauty of love...

Beauty never last for long...

Think and decide,, Dont forget to try my tipMy girlfriend is ugly and I think I want to break up?
If you're feeling this repulsed by her, end it before she gets even stronger feelings for you or you'll hurt her more.
I asked a question like this. One person told me:either way your gunna hurt her

the best way to do it is EXPLAIN why

when it isnt explained its the worst

unfortunatly its going to hurt her no matter how you hurt her

ask her if she wants to be friends if its best for her

if not then fair enough

:). Just tell lher your kind of unattracted to her. Hope this helps:)
Then you obviously do want to break up. The question I think you may be wanting to ask is how? Be a gentleman about it. Face her like a man and tell her that you want to break up. Do not tell her the reasons you have put here. It's unnecessary and cruel. Make it short and try not to be drawn on reasons. If you feel you have to give a reason try for the gentlest you can. Maybe that work/school pressures mean you have to concentrate on them. Keep it short and civil and don't string it out.

Remember, women talk. She may not be attractive to you, but she probably does have women friends, so whatever you do will be discussed ad nauseam with her mates. If you are a 'love rat' you will get a bad reputation with her friends and that may not be helpful in future relationships.

So, make it a quick clean break. Avoid any hurt to her you can, and afterwards, keep away from her for a while, to let her get over it. Do not discuss what happened with anyone. It's in bad taste to do so.
Appearance isn't everything, however you have to be attracted to her to like her. It seems like your just with her because you pity her. Tell her that you are really sorry but it's just not working out. Don't tell her your leaving her because shes fat and ugly, because I'm sure if you do that not many girls will ever like you. Just tell her the truth, it's just not working.
Wow, shallow much?

I really hope she reads this question and knows its you then you get kicked in the nuts because thats what you ******* deserve!

Just end it with her, before it gets worse.

Personality wins over looks
the longer u wait the worse it gets
FIrst of all, sorry, but you are a jerk.

If you can't get past that, it's really better to break up now.

But first, ask yourself: do you like HER?

Is she nice? Funny? Are you happy when you're with her?

If not, neither of you gains anything. Just be sure to be nice about it!

However, you really should learn to look past appearances.
yeah looks count to us all is the harsh truth...

but anyway you just need to tell her like you would with any other girl you could be serious with. say something simple like 'im not feeling the same as i did when we first started going out' she should get the picture, but don't be harsh about it, that sort of reputation is hard to lose

good luck
come on give her a chance and look at her inner beauty may be she has something that the hot girls doesnt

plz answer mine;鈥?/a>
Dump her then. Do it now, waiting will only make it worse.
I think you should look in the mirror and make sure that just shy but ugly your self the truth is you where using her because you did not have a girl friend and now your friends are giving you crap because she not the hottest Chick in the school or where ever you hang so ya let her go she can do better
if you go just behind beauty; they may dump you like what you are doing now. stick with the girl that loves you so much. what you doing is wrong. If she loves you so much, be her man and boyfriend.

if you break up with her. it is very very bad and i dont like it man.

give me 10 points. i really really want to go to next level soon.
When i first read this i thought god that is so nasty and horrible but actually i get where your coming from. If your not attracted to some one then a relationship just can't work. You don't say whether you actually like her as a person though, whether you have much in common.

Whatever you do don't mention her looks when you break up with her it will probably make her paranoid in future relationships and i would guess if she really isn't that attractive that her confidence isn't sky high either.

You just need to tell her your not ready for a relationship and that you would rather be friends. Don't wait any longer to do it it will just get harder!
don't judge her by her looks, but don;t force yourself either. so go ahead and break up site some other reason so that at least you are in talking terms with her
Don't tell her that you're breaking up cause of her looks. Cmon, NEVER麓say that to a girl. tell her that there is no chemistry between you two and you feel nothing and that you feel that it will be just using her if you keep going. tell her she is a good girl but .. just not yours. We all know that everyone like different stuff right? Same with people, we can't all like the same person so just tell her that she isn't exactly ';yours';. you don't feel the ';click'; when you're with her, and well.. thats the most important thing. Good luck with breaking up:)
Love and Date is not some game you get into life .. showed her dreams had a time with her .and leaving now cause she don't looks like other's Can you tell me something .. why peoples Eat Food ? you would say it give energy etc but that food get first drop on the land full of soil so peoples shouldn't the basic point is that looks never matter its her Attitude , it Behavior her Character , and Her Social Living in your family how much she interact with your peoples ? ..
just say you are in no mood for a relationship. Said you have nothing against her just not ready for any one. So don't ever meet or need to chat or text. Nobody will stalk or kidnap you, you could be just disturbed by the unbearable uglyiness. I only date pretty girls...
Dear, You may feel it for sometime. After few days or months, you will forget everything and be a normal person. You try to be with her for some more time and even after that if you feel something........ you can decide later.

If you think of a beautiful girl than a girl who really loves you. There are chances beautiful girl may leave you alone and find herself another one but no one wil come behind your ugly and true loving girl.
im sure she would be thrilled to death if she knew you were wasting her life being with her because you felt sorry for her and you wanted to puke every time she showed you any affection.

break up with her already!

the longer you wait the harder it is going to be for her.
poor girl

just make up some excuse and end it

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