Monday, August 16, 2010

What should i do to win against my girlfriend?

ok im playing a little game with my girlfriend and i rlly wanna win cuhs the prize is mor lov not as in lov lov but more missing and kissing and objectiv is to be with her and not kiss her or hug her or anything and im crazy for those things.... but i can talk to her and her friends which are my friends as well.... if she wins then i wnt get those ';love things'; can i win and control myself to not hug or kiss her for the moment....What should i do to win against my girlfriend?
this game sounds really stupidWhat should i do to win against my girlfriend?
It's really hard there's not much you can do be strong hope you win. Good luck
Have a friend be with you at all times and if he/she sees you about to hug her or anything have them punch you in the face. After a couple times I think you'd get the memo.
you want to win the prize of ';more missing and kissing and hugging';? brother, you are whipped...
ur dumb
just don't do it...

idk try to think of her as just one of the usual friends

but still talk to her and treat her as your girl
if she doesnt want you to hug or kiss her, or show affection in general, then you have a bigger problem than winning a game. Oh and i see our school systems are doing a fine job of teaching spelling and grammer.
just hangout with her when she has her friends around always hangout when other ppl are with u and u can even tell them the game so then when u seem to go huge her or somthing one of ur friends can have a sign to you so that you'll know not to.

good luck lol
no offense, but it sounds like she may be alittle annoyed with your constant affection. especially if she is the one who came up with it. just cool down turbo, if she is getting too much space invaded by you, it may ruin the relationship. but, it does sound like you love her, alot. thats good, you just gatta control it so it won't be annoying. hell, if you have to, grab a pillow or stuffed animal and keep it squeezed in your arms. but, seriously, either she is annoyed, or you two have really poor imaginations for games. the other answer guy was right, this game is stupid, but, obviously has a good reason behind it.

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