Monday, August 16, 2010

What should I do to prepare for sex?

My girlfriend wants to have sex. I said yes but what should I do so I don't mess it up and how should it startWhat should I do to prepare for sex?
best thing you can do is watch a few videos on the internet of people having sex. you can learn a lot better from seeing it than reading about it. watch something amateurish, because the professional pornos care less about having normal sex and more about making sure that everything is at the right angle for the cameraWhat should I do to prepare for sex?
If you have these types of questions, you're not ready. Keep it in your pants.
umm buy some condoms unless u want little kids running around and rub one out about 45 min befor you guys go for it
start of by dinner and a movie. get her to your place. flirt with her a bit. rip each other's clothes off and get to business. by the way, if you 2 are both virgins it might hurt a bit at the start. before all of this,go and buy a CONDOM OR PILLS. dont wanna become a father right?

Good luck with this.
Okay, you are lucky in that your girlfriend wants to share herself with you, so first base has been reased. She is making the first move because you are a bit slow and sex is a body food which once you have had your first experience, you hunger for even more. Don't feel bad about this momenent with her, she most likely feels a bit uneasy too. Take your time, kiss a lot tickle her and ask questions as to what she wants you to do. Comunicate. Do feel guilty or think it is wrong. Have confidance in your ability to do what is a natural thing for guys and enjoy the pleasure then when it is all over, thank her for shearing herself with you. If you feel unsure and out of place you will dampen the magic that your first experince can be, It's a body food so go and feast.
make sure to make it romantic! with candles and roses
Just tell her your happy to, then when the time comes tell her you want to please her and to let you know exactly what she wants you to do.....while your thrusting for a bit doing what she wants to do, jazz it up and turn her around and do her doggy for about a minute then put her on her back and then do her missionary for a bit as well, really slow but deep. You'll know when you hit her 'g' spot, she'll moan a bit and mover her head back, then just ask her what she wants to do next.....don't be nervous, enjoy it mate and you'll only get better every time you have sex!

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