Monday, August 16, 2010

Why does my girlfriend try to make me like her ex?

One time we were talking about shoes. and She told me to get these certain pair(I already knew her boyfriend wears nothing but those type of shoes) but I brushed it off now today, I was saying how I might get my ear pierced again and she was saying I should get both ears pierced(her ex has both ears pierced)

Why does she do this?

She was with him 4 years(but claimed to be really unhappy) I've been with her for 5 months.(She says I treat her 100 times better than he ever did)

so im curious why she does that?Why does my girlfriend try to make me like her ex?
This is very odd to be honest. She breaks up with him but wants you to do things that he use to do %26amp; wear, therefor making you more like he was! There's no logic in that. Curiosity would get the best of me in that one for sure %26amp; I'd have to question it. I think what I'd do would be first ask her why does she like these particular things, After you've gotten her ans. to that, I'd have to say something to the effect of wasn't that what so in so liked/wore etc. Wouldn't it bother you to bring up old memories OR why would you want me to be like he was %26amp; you couldn't wait to break up with him, I know I'd have to get some kind of explanation about those things unless by then she's even added more! I would say if he did these things, then asked you to do them too, it was because she was he one whose idea it was in the first place. I'd have to satisfy my curiosity on that respect tho Of course it's up to you as what you do,,,the best to you...:)Why does my girlfriend try to make me like her ex?
Maybe she shopped for her ex?? Maybe that's her style?? Just like men women have certain types/things they like on their mate....Like for instance, I love tattoos, does that mean I am thinking of my ex if I am looking at a cute guy imagining a certain tattoo? No, it's like my form of boobs for guys. Just like girls love to shop and usually love to dress their man up. My mother has been married thirty something years and still picks out my step dad's outfits/shoes/accessories.
maybe she's not over him yet? how long has it been since they were together? if it's been way less than a year, she hasn't taken the time to get her life back together and to grieve over the relationship.

a break up from a long-term relationship can take up to two years to get past.... and it takes a year for the average person to move on.
Maybe she chose those shoes and ear rings for him to. Maybe she just like the style.
she wants you to be like him. but talk to her and tell her that you are not

in the boat as him.

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