Monday, August 16, 2010

How can I get a girlfriend?? I';e never really had one before...?

I'm 32 and I'm a little overweight. But I don't go to the bars or clubs or nothing like that.

Any ideas or suggestions?How can I get a girlfriend?? I';e never really had one before...?
Lose weight. go to the barsHow can I get a girlfriend?? I';e never really had one before...?
go to church. there are some good girls there
Many guys use the Internet to find tips on how to get a girlfriend. For a lot of them, they have a happy life, but feel an empty void. They think getting a girlfriend will supply happiness and will be an answer to their loneliness.

So if you're worried about getting a girlfriend, then pay attention to these tips.

1- Try to Date Different Women

One of the secrets to getting a girlfriend is to date different women. A common mistake I see guys make is to immediately get into a committed relationship with the first woman that pays any attention to them.

Don't do this!

While I don't recommend sleeping around with tons of girls, I think it's extremely important to date different women. Since your primary goal is to find someone special, you should be selective about whom you choose for a relationship.

What you should do is view the whole dating experience as a selection process where you find out what you really want in a potential girlfriend.

2- Have fun with your life

The secret to being happy with your life is to take the time to enjoy different things. By only focusing on how to get a girlfriend, you'll end up being depressed if you don't immediately find her.

Instead of looking for ways to get a girlfriend, you should take the time to enjoy other aspects of your life. This could mean hanging out with your friends, excelling at work/school, exercising, starting a new hobby, or spending time with your family.

Just because you lack a girlfriend, doesn't mean you can't live life to the fullest.

3- Increase your social circle

The secret to enjoying life is expanding on your current social circle and forming great friendships. The first reason this is important is because it gives more opportunities to do interesting activities with people you care about. Like I mentioned in the last tip, having an active life helps you become a better person.

The second reason it's important to increase your social circle is it'll help you find more women to date. One of the truths to life is many people meet their partners through friends and family. So if you take the time to increase your social life, you'll have a higher chance to get a girlfriend!

4- Find out what you want and go for it

If you follow the previous three tips on how to get a girlfriend, you'll start to develop a sense of what you want in a partner. My advice is to narrow down the women you date until you find someone who matches your interests and personality.

While there are a lot of incredible women out there, it's important to be in a relationship with someone who completes your life. By taking the time to find the right woman, you'll end up in a healthy and successful relationship.

Hopefully you'll follow these 4 tips on how to get a girlfriend and become proactive with your life. If you follow my advice, you'll definitely find the right woman and have a truly happy relationship.
making a change for yourself. and about the fact that you don't go out much doesn't mean that you will not meet a girl, but you need to have a little more fun, go to the gym tell your friends to go out sometime and enjoy life.
If you're a ';little overweight,'; that probably means you're a whale, and if you've never had a girlfriend before, there's probably a good reason. You should aim LOW. Go to McDonald's and find the shift manager who's in her late forties. Order an extra-large Coke and extra-large fries. Then say, ';Can I get a smile with that?'; She'll giggle. After a week or so of doing this (with slight variations), she'll be interested in you.

Also, go in at odd hours when other people are working. So, when she asks what you do, you can tell her you're a software designer or were a software designer until you sold your company. If that doesn't get you sex, then it's your fault.
try the chat lines
the gym is a nice place to meet people, you can also try websites like plenty of fish. Honestly no matter where you live it's kinda hard to get a girlfriend if you have standards. Most people get hooked up from there buddy's girlfriends friends
join a club or do evening classes or something similar to find a girl with mutual interests. if you don't like bars and clubs there's no point looking there because you wouldn't have the same interestes as the girls who would be there.

He's 30 and a 'little' overweight. But I'd date him any day.

Describing yourself like you did doesn't helps.

Get into activities,meet friends,be fun %26amp; be funny

Just like shay.

Doing all of that stuff you'll lose weight and/or it won't even matter:)

Watch Shays videos from the start--he's really cool:)
Quizas no te ha llegado el momento. Entre mas buscas menos encuentras. Te estas aferrando demasiado.

Trata de inscribirte a una escuela y aprender algo, minimo tendras amistades. Aprende algo nuevo.

Enfrente de la computadora no vas a encontrar. O si ingresas a algun club, podrias conocer personas.


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