Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do I tell my Girlfriend I want to smell her farts?

Basically I have an odd fetish in that I like to smell girls farts. Before I got into a relationship I would pay a woman to sit on my face and fart away.

Now I have a girlfriend it is more difficult as I don't want to cheat on her. I tried to compromise by entering the toilet after she had used it but I can't smell anything just air freshener...

To me it is the fact I find her attractive makes me want to sniff her farts I don't want to sniff anywomans butt gas you know. How can I approach asking her to do this? she wouldn't even need to sit on my face just let a few go in bed..... Thoughts?How do I tell my Girlfriend I want to smell her farts?
your question is sick but i will try to solve your problem. ask her if she likes pussy licking. obvicioulsy she will say yes. start doing it. then gradully go to her back and lick. make a habit of licking her butt. while you make it habit somehow the time will ocme she will blow a fart and yo ucan smell it. but she may also hold it if you are there. so gradually first say her that you like to drink her vaginal juices then one day tell her that you like her evrything even her fart, believe me the sentence';i like your evrything even the smell of your butt'; she will go crazy an dnevr mind it. she will think it as a sign of toatl accpetanc eby you and you go there smelling her gas....

if it help give me ten pointsHow do I tell my Girlfriend I want to smell her farts?
WTF?? WTF???? WTF???? Put her in the tub and watch for bubbles! God this is sad.
ohh...dear....JEEZZZ!!!!..... Where are you from? ......ohhh......it must be joke or you are from Arcansas?
Make a compromise by finding out her fetish and make a deal to forfull each others fetishes. It would be the nice next normal step in your relationship.
Are you for real, or is this a joke???
you need help
u dont have to tell her cause if u tell she could run away from her when tell her u wanna hear her fart so if she fart just put ur face near
she might not be your girl friend anymore after this one buddy.
here is a thought see a psychiatrist.
Freak. uhmmmm ur kinda REALLY scaryy


get a lifee
I dun mind giving you a fart in your face as well.
i'll sit on your face and do it
dude, thats pretty f==ked up!
your worse then the guys with the foot fetishs

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