Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do i get my boyfriend to split up with me?

I dont think my boyfriend and i are working so we need to split up but i still want to be friends and if i do he wont because he is very sensitive and im only his second girlfriend. The most painless way for both of us is if he breaks up with me. How do i get him to do this through my actions without making it obvious or cheating or doing anything to hurt him or him noticing? Tips please i really need helpHow do i get my boyfriend to split up with me?
idk act a knobh3ad?How do i get my boyfriend to split up with me?
Stop being pathetic, just break up with him, if he wants nothing more to do with you, that's his choice and right.

Stop mind playing games with him.
Do what he hates most. lol
the best way is to tell him how you feel don' do anything that later on you will regret.
There is no point being devious about it,be straight with him and tell him how you feel.............
Just tell him TO HIS FACE that you think things aren't working out. He might appreciate it if you tell him honestly how you feel
There is honestly no way. Someone has to get hurt. Tell him how you truely feel about the relationship, but if you dont want to fix it and instead move on, its probably unlikely that you will stay friends.
I don't think there is any way to manipulate him into doing anything for sure. A break up is never painless. Reconsider telling him how you feel and please just be honest with him. Treat him like an adult and don't play mind games.
dump him urself




make urself disgusting

that turns him off
just break up with him, be honest, completely, and if he wants to be friends then you guys will be but don't be friend clingy after its over.
be strong!

n just brake up with him

ur jus gonna hurt him more by staying wit him...

n who cares if ur his 2nd gf

its life.....
Well Moon Cheese -if that is your real name- he won't break up with you. You're just going to have to ';man up'; and do it yourself. Or you could let him catch you cheating on him with me.
You need to suck it up and be honest with him. That is the only way I would consider still being friends with an ex, is if they were honest. Dishonesty leads to mistrust whether in a commited relationship or a friendship.
talk about other men in front of him. be Casual about it too it is the nicest way to say im not going to date you anymore. or have a movie night and tell him how you feel tell him that you two are not working out and you think you two should see other people. be confidentdon'tt be sorry for your relationship not workingdon'tt place any blame it dossent matterwho'ssfaultt it is just put it out there good luck:)
So you want a way to get him to break up with you because you don't want the distasteful job of doing it yourself. What a manipulating coward you are. Be honest with this guy and tell him what you've said in here. He has to learn to deal with this eventually; and who knows, maybe he wants to break up too.
The responsible thing to do, the adult and mature thing to do, would be to sit him down and tell him that you no longer want to be his girlfriend. You take responsibility for your own change of heart and tell him that you don't want to hurt his feelings, but that because you care for him as a friend, you want him to be free to find someone who is more compatible with him.

This is the honest way to go. And yes, his feelings will be hurt, and no, he may no longer wish to be friends with you, but you will both live through that. By trying to manipulate the situation so that you are not culpable is a sorry, irresponsible plan, and this would only hurt him more.
just break up with him. tell him you still wanna be friends. tell him you just dont think its working.
Well, Thats a miricle isn't it . Use another girl that he likes., A very private girl.who doesn't nag.
cause a small argument, then as he gets more and more annoyed, he will WANT To split up with you, trust me, it works :D
Just talk to him about it.Don't come in and automatically say We need to talk.Ease into it.Next time he comes over or you guys hang out tell him that you love him but not the same way you thought you did.Tell him that you will always be there for him but as a friend not a gf.Some friendships can be stronger than relationships.I have a friend I have known for 7 years and if any guy tried to get between us I would not hesitate to dump him.You said he is sensitive,all I can say for that is to make sure a lot of hugs and love is involved and that he walks away knowing that you still love him just as much as you did before just in a different way.Good luck :)
you have no justification to break up with him because he is not working. the most important thing is the love between the both of you. with time things will be okey. be patient tough time dosnt last.
i think u need say the truth about your feeling rather than deceive your bf...

if he's angry and don't wanna be your friend, think the time will fix it all...
Just be honest with him than trying to hide and sick game.
I've been through this... I know right now it seems like it's a better choice to try to get him to break up with you, but sit down and give it some serious thought and you'll figure out you're just being a coward and trying to spare your own guilt. You're going to lose everything and make him hate you if you sabotage the relationship. You just need to sit him down, be honest with him and respectfully break off the relationship. He will be unhappy and you will need time apart, but down the road you should be able to be friends if you handle it like this. Nothing good will ever come from sabotaging it... trust me.
I think you should just tell him ';hey I think we should be just friends';. I mean how bad could it be to break up with him?, As long as he doesn't cry then your fine lol! Trust me on this one!

Don't say ';hey we need to break to up';, becasue that's so cliche! Or just ignoring him won't help because he'll never break up with you first if he is the sensitive type. Trust me, HE WON'T!.
Tell him you don't want to be in a relationship right now... Let him know it's not personal,but you need time to your self...
wow!! if yuh dnt wanna b wif hym just break up wif hym...someone isz gonna eventually hurt hym n life so y yuh try ta b hiz lil *****...jusz du wat yuh gotta du
the best way is to ignore him .when he asks you for an outing like going on date together,just make some excuse at that time like u are busy or somewhat.when he tries to be close to you then simply keep some distance from him and when he tries to express his feelings to u then change the topic.no one in this world likes to be ignored and if he is not clingy and has some sense then he will realize and move forward with his life.have a chat on some general topic.time will take its course
Just sit down and talk it over with him. It's better that you end it with him in a way where he understands where you're coming from. It's the worst feeling ever when you're dumped and you have no idea why.

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