Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to get a first kiss?

i need it for guys. I really want to have my first kiss with my girlfriend but i do not know how to get to there, or however you want to put it.How to get a first kiss?
Let me get this straight. You have a girlfriend. And you want to GET a kiss?

Dude you're doing it wrong.

This really depends on if you want to make it romantic or not. But in any case, find a nice quiet alone place to hold her hand, look into her eyes, say you love her or how much she means to you, then kiss her. Don't do a open mouth wet kiss. Just a simple kiss on the lips, look to see her reaction then go in for more.

Then give me a high five.How to get a first kiss?
Typically the guys go in for it...

touch her alot to get her warmed up to the idea that you want a close bond. When i meant touch her.. like appropriatly arms like hugging or like if shes cold hold her or wahtever. :D

dont be scared. first kiss her on the cheek. then look into her eyes for a second then go for it :D
take her to the movies and out to eat an when u drop her home say '; mind if i kiss you goodnight ? ';
dude just go for it either that or ask if you can kiss her
just go for it.

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