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How do I go about making the decision to drink alcohol or not?

My friends all drink and they seem to all have these funny stories to tell. I always feel left out somehow. I've never been invited to parties so I have never been a drinker. Now that I'm in college it makes me wonder. Should I? It sounds fun. But is it all it's cracked up to be? My girlfriend tell me I shouldn't but I just don't know. I'm scared to try because of my family background. Divorces come from drinking habits. I wish someone could just tell me what to do and how to go about it.How do I go about making the decision to drink alcohol or not?
I would like to tell you that your friend is right. I can not.

The major issue with a non drinker is how far are you willing to go.

Do you remember those friends in your life who said, ';It's just a smoke, I can quit any day I want'; and to this day they are puffing back a pack a day or worse, bumming smokes? You are feeling peer pressure and it is normal. But you have to understand that booze is addictive. Is your constitution strong enough to take the first step. I know many non drinkers and many drinkers who enjoy it and have the smarts to say I'm all right. What ever you do, please do not be talked into it. If you wish to take a drink, do it with some one you trust and admire. The fact that you even asked this question shows that you have a very good sense of self and you should be proud, I am sure there are lots of people who would agree with me. God bless.How do I go about making the decision to drink alcohol or not?
Just try it and don't be such a pu*sy. It's not that bad and you don't have to be invited to parties to drink. You can just go buy some beer and drink that or you can go to some friends house and drink some hard liquor there. Try some Grey Goose vodka or absolut,skyy,belvedere,kettle 1,42 below,effen or any type of vodka that's over $17.
I would say go ahead and live it up, have fun and ride the bull! But the reality is that its very dangerous and potentially life threatening to drink at parties, weather someone slips a lil something into your drink etc. If you trust your peers and they make you feel comfortable with whatever you choose to drink and the amounts, why not? My policy has always been too stop drinking when things don't feel quite normal and its disturbing to have a normal conversation or words just don't come out fluently. Have fun, and know your limits, and remember to keep up the studies as well.
Drinking is great. Having a few drinks can loosen inhibitions, make socializing easier and can be a lot of fun.

But the logic breaks down at the extremes. Somehow a lot of your peers have it in their minds that if a few drinks = good time; then a lot of drinks = great time and that just doesn't work that way.
Going out once in a while with buddies to have a drink can be fun. Having a glass of wine with your girlfriend from time to time while watching sunset can be romantic. Getting wasted at parties just to fit in, not so much fun. And if there was fun, it probably would be on your account. Trust me, you're not missing anything there.
tryy it if you like go for it

if you dont nip it in the bud.

i used to drink and it was funny. but just dont get to outta control and bang some random person,

and dont drink and drive,
You are in college to improve your future, not drink it away (illegally in all likelihood) Stick to your guts, and stay sober. If those people are your friends they will respect your decision.
Theres nothing wrong w experimenting,just dont make it a habit and youll be fine,drinking can be tons of fun if done responsibly
An occasional standard drink is okay. Go for quality, not quantity.
if you don't feel like drinking, don't.
I personally say go ahead to one of these parties have like 3-4 drinks and just see how it goes....
Drinking isn't ';geneic'; just because people in your family abuse it doesn't mean you have to.

I know when to drink and when not to. Some of my friends ARE on the verge of being alcoholics..when they drink they HAVE to get drunk. They can't just have one margarita, they have to have several. I don't see the point in that. I just hate it when they ***** at me for not ';drinking'; like them. I've been in a car wreck where my friend was driving drunk (i was a idiot for allowing her too) and we payed the consequences. Since then i've been very cautious. I only get ';tipsy'; where I'm comfortable. Drinking should be socially, to enjoy the taste. Not because you had a hard day after work and need a few beers. (guys that say that are dependent on it, and NO ONE likes the taste of beer unless it's a habit)

Some people just don't drink, you may be one of them.
It's really quite simple: consider the effects. Alcohol is a poison. It can be a very effective external antibiotic because it kills germs. That's not all it does. Alcohol also destroys the sensitive taste buds on the tongue. Do you like the taste of good food? Don't drink alcohol. It destroys brain cells which cannot be replaced. Do you like thinking and the many things the brain controls without your awareness? Don't drink alcohol. Alcohol attacks the liver and kidneys and other vital and sensitive body parts. Do you like having a functioning body? Would you like to keep it that way as long as possible? Don't drink alcohol. Alcohol shuts down the part of the brain that helps us make good judgments and maintain self-control. Do you prefer to make good judgments and control yourself (as compared to being stupid)? Don't drink alcohol. Alcohol destroys the health, relationships, and economic well-being. Sound good? It has other effects also, some of which may not show up for a long time. Do you want a future? Don't drink alcohol. People have lot's of fun without destroying their health and reputation. How do you decide? Consider the effects.
If alcoholism runs in the family then you are at a bigger risk of becoming addicted. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of experimenting but just don't make it a bad habit. Also know your limits on drinking, some people might think you are a pussy because you can't drink as much as them but who cares. It all depends on your body weight, percentage of alcohol, what type of alcohol, how much alcohol, and your tolerance to determine how drunk you get. And for everyone it is different. I would do it if i were you just to see what it is like because you have never done it. Just make sure to do it around people you are comfortable with and don't over do it. They all have ';funny stories'; but I'm sure they can tell you horrible stories as well.

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