Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to touch your girlfriend?

My girlfriend wants me to touch her more when were together. I dont know how are what to do. Please help. Im a guy by the way...How to touch your girlfriend?
hold her hand, put your arm around her, sit close, and when your sitting next to her put your hand on her leg. offer to rub her back and stroke her hair. just a bunch of little things make a HUGE difference.maybe even kiss her hand once in a while. extra hugs are always nice too. Hope this helps!How to touch your girlfriend?
Umm..how old are you? If you're not sure about going with the flow, you're too young to be attempting to procreate anyway.
You should hold her hand, and put your arms around her whenever the mood strikes, like when the conversation dies out. Hugging/cuddling is the way to go and cute gestures like brushing a strand of hair from her face or playing with her hair/hand.
well first of all girls love to fell loved so u should tell her that u love her often and hugher often kiss her be gentle don't make it feel like ur faking it we can tell. something really simple and nice is to grab her hand just do little things like that and she'll be happy trust me i know....im a gurl by the way ;D lol
well ';mr.'; Kimberly, girls really like it when you hold their hand or just put your hand on the small of their back if your hanging out in a group, it let's us know that even when you're with your friends you're still thinking about us. However, if you're talking about touching in another way that is out of my area of expertise. Good luck!

(note my correct usage of you're and your as I used it FOUR times in one sentence. Go me.)

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