Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to overcome Jealously?

Okay, Me and my girlfriend have been going out for 2 years. There's a girl she doesn't want me to talk to because that girl F*cked our relationship up a few times. (So i understand why I shouldn't talk to her). But there's a few boy's (Guy friends) My girlfriend talks to which I'm okay with but there's one that I told her gets me mad when she does blah blah she understands it. But I just get jealous when she talks to some of her guy friends, and i DO NOT want to be like ';You cannot talk to him, him and him!'; Because that F*cking horrible! How do I overcome this feeling, (If you want to call it Jealously) Thanks So Much!!How to overcome Jealously?
just tell me i will **** your mom ...easyHow to overcome Jealously?
My only advise is to own up to your feelings, dig deeper. Why are you jealous? Do you feel a lack of confidence in the relationship? Are you guys always playing the jealousy game? Do you flirt with other girls to get under her skin and she then flirts with guys to get back at you? If that is the case, the games have to stop.
i guess since you already talked to her and she understands it, just talk to her when your very calm and don't show her your annoyed or anything, tell her ';you know how you hate it when i talk to this girl, well there's this guy that you know and he really pisses me off and i don't feel comfortable when your with him (talking or whatever), i'm not ';telling'; you not to talk to him, im just asking you to just put my mind at ease, i trust you and you know that, it's that i REALLY don't like that guy';

so i guess that's all YOU can do about that the rest is up to her, it's her job to make you not feel jealous and she should put your mind at ease.

hope i helped.

good luck and take care.
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