Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to get girls to come to you?

iam 17. all my friends and even my dorky little cousin has a girlfriend.iam actually not ugly have a good personality, and would be the perfect boyfriend for any girl. and again iam sorta good looking!!! lol. iam 6 foot5 260 and a strong guy, what all girls say there looking for right!?!?! iam sorta shy i want them to come to me, but i can get over that eventually. i work and have a nice truck i just don't get it what am i doing wrong.where do i go to meet girls? how long should i have to wait? ive never had anything close to a gf, probably not even a secret crush on me. iam not a loser, iam not mean, and i don't look desperate at all on the outside. please helpHow to get girls to come to you?
Be calm, Funny and dont try to hard!! I am a girl so i cn tell you what they like.


-kindness yett kinda meaan in a funny way

-nice clothes

-out going.

You gotta go up to a girl and just say:Are you free this weekend? if you are uhm maybe we can hangout??

Good luck i hope this helpsHow to get girls to come to you?
you should upload a picture.

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