Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What should I say to my girlfriend who has gone all the way?

I asked my new girlfriend as a joke how far she had gone with a guy. I unexpectedly got an answer of ';all the way';. I don't know what to say now because she's only 14 and i'm 13. What should I do?!What should I say to my girlfriend who has gone all the way?
dont do it. your way to youngWhat should I say to my girlfriend who has gone all the way?
dumpp that slut.
just be honest, she one of very few 13 year olds to have gone all the way. Don't feel pressured, trust me don't worry.
Don't freak out about it. Just because she has gone all the way doesn't necessarily mean that she is going to expect you to. And most likely her first time was with an older guy who wanted her to so she did.
Don't have sex with her. Dump her.
First consider the possibility that she could be lying to you in order to impress you.

Then, tell her you've never had sex and be honest with her. Its just stupid to lie about something like that. Especially when you're only thirteen.

And some personal advice..wait and have sex with someone you really care about...this girl sounds like she takes it too lightly.
Considering her age, she either :

- lied, thinking that somehow she would sound cool (she failed though)

- didn't realize ';all the way'; meant sex, she didn't think it through when she said it, because she's naive

- is a very young sl*t and is proud of it.

The simple fact that u're ';shocked'; by her comment is reassuring though.
This isn't extremely uncommon. If it makes you uncomfortable, try to understand that people have sexual desires at young ages and having acted on them isn't the worst thing in the world. However, don't feel pressured to do something you're not ready for just because your girlfriend's had more experience than you. it might feel shocking now, but it will get more and more common as you get older. If you do decide to ';go all the way'; together, make sure she gets tested first, regardless of how embarrassed she might be to do it. She wasn't embarrassed to let someone else be intimate with her, so don't let her ruin your life because of irresponsibility.

oh and wear a condom.
dont do it. your going to regret it.

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